CSB (Civil, Strucure And Building) Department

- Following main activities are performed in CSB department:

1- Steel Structures

- The drawings will contain sufficient information for the purchasing of prefabricated structures and the preparation by manufacturer of workshop drawings.
- Preparation of requisitions for the purchase of steel structures.- Checking in accordance with contractor standard procedure of vendor’s drawings or conformance to contractor’s drawings and specifications.


2- Pipe line
- Preparation of route selection report & selection of optimum route & preliminary profile.
- Complete design & finalize of plan-profile, special major crossing plan profile, standard drawing for crossing, R.O.W. & Valve pits.
- Preparation of cross section & project line and earth works schedule & design of pipe support, sleeper for above ground pipe lines and anchor block for A/G and U/G pipe line.


3- Foundation And Elevated Concrete Structures
- Preparation of foundations location drawings.
- Complete design and drawings of foundations and elevated concrete structures, insufficient details for construction,   purchase   of  materials  and preparation  of  reinforcing  bar  details  by   construction contractor.
- Preparation  of  anchor  bolts  schedule  with  the indication  of  the  number  and  dimensions and of requisitions for the purchase of anchor bolts.

4- Civil & U/G (under ground)
- Preparation of site preparation drawing & documents:
- Access  road  layout & profile, preliminary  drainage  layout  and  design outfall channel to change of flood ways in construction stage.
- Preparation of rough grading (earth works) and estimation of earthworks by latest soft wares.
- Design of all U/G network (Gravity networks) Including:
  Accidentally oil contaminated sewer
  Chemical or caustic sewer
  Hot non contaminated sewer
  Oil water sewer
  Domestic or sanitary sewer
- Preparation of U/G composite layout and 3D modeling by PDMS software.
- Design &  preparation  of  drawing: (In  detail  Eng. Stage) road  &  paving   layout, detail &  sections, Grading & drainage layout, foundation location plan civil plot plan.
- Preparation  of  design  criteria  &  specification  for  design  of  civil  works  &  U/G  and procedure of construction.
- Preparation  of  drawing & detail  for: catch  basin. Manhole,  pit, sump, box culvert, cable trench, pull box, Duct bank, oily water separator pit, septic tank & burn pit.

5- Buildings
- Architectural   design  of   buildings  in   relation  to  environment,  plant  layout, sizing and external appearance of buildings, interior layout allow best  integration of  both  process  and  ergonomic requirements.
- Preparation of building specifications.
- Design and drafting of building structures and foundations.
- Preparation of drawings for plumbing, lighting etc.
- Preparation, as  applicable, of  duty  specifications  for  air  conditioning  and sprinkling and review of specialized vendors design  and  drawings for such systems  to ensure  conformity to specifications and to avoid any interference with other facilities located in the building.