Electrical Engineering Department

- Following main-normal activities will be performed in electrical engineering department:
- Design of the power distribution system, assuming that the medium voltage power is available at battery limit.
- Preparation of one line diagram.
- Definition of requirements for switchgear.
- Preparation of schematic diagram.
- Preparation of aboveground cable layouts and cables schedule.
- Study of the lighting facilities and the preparation of drawings showing arrangement of lighting panels and lighting requirements at grade and on platforms and structures.
- Study and preparation of drawings showing the grounding system.
- Preparation of requisitions for the purchasing of all electrical equipment.
- Preparation of electrical bulk material specifications. Preparation of requisition for obtaining bids from construction contractor for the installation and interconnection of all electrical equipment and machinery and for the supply of all electrical bulk materials (power conduits and fittings, push button stations and local controls, local lighting panels, lighting fixture, lighting conduits fittings and wiring, grounding pits and rods, grounding cables and connections, supports, etc.) necessary for the installation and interconnection of all electrical system.
- Detailed quantity requirements for such electrical bulk materials will be determined by the construction contractor.
- Checking, to the extend required by contractor’s standard procedure, of the drawings prepared by the electrical equipment vendors in order to verify their compliance with contractor’s specifications and requisitions.

In electrical engineering department computer facilities and software packages are available for following functions: