Mechanical Engineering Department

- Finalization of equipment design basis, preparation of mechanical datasheets, job specifications and material requisition preparation and RFQ are the main activities in mechanical engineering department. After receiving technical quotations from bidders, clarification correspondences with bidders, preparation of TBA (technical bid evaluation table) are performed by this department and  after contract with vendor, all issued documents are reviewed and coordinated with other engineering departments.
- This department includes three sub-group:

- Following detailed descriptions, explain some sample of this department activities for some specific equipment:

- Reactors, Towers, Drums & Tanks (Generally Defined as Vessels)
- Design of each vessel and preparation of drawings showing types of materials, thicknesses of shells and covers, nozzles, supports,  internals, platform clips, insulation and piping supports with sufficient information to allow the purchase of the vessels. These drawings will contain sufficient data for the manufacturer to prepare workshop drawings.

- Preparation of drawings for the orientation of nozzles and auxiliary parts of those vessels (such as storage tanks) for which the mechanical design is “standard” and is the responsibility of the manufacturer.

- Checking in accordance with contractor’s procedure of the drawings prepared by the manufacturer of the vessels in order to verify their compliance with the original drawings and specifications.

 2 -  Heat Exchanger, Fired Heaters & Stacks
- Preparation of data sheet, specifications, ITP and requisitions for the purchase of all heat-exchangers, fired heaters and stacks, being understood t he vendors will perform and will be the sole responsible for the thermal and mechanical design.

- Strength calculation, finalization of tube sheet layout for shall and tube heat exchangers.

- Checking of vendors data sheets and drawings for conformance with contractor’s specifications orientation of nozzles and location of supports.

 3 -  Pump, Compressors, Drivers & all other Machinery And Special Equipment
Preparation of data sheet, specifications, ITP and requisitions with sufficient details to permit the purchase of pumps, compressors, drivers, etc.
- Checking to the extent required by contractor’s standard procedure, of characteristics data and drawing supplied by the manufacturer for this equipment in order to verify their compliance with contractor’s requisitions and specifications.

By using fully computerized systems, mechanical engineering department of PETRO FARAYAND ARYA has been obtaining excellent results in all phases of i t’s operation including plant simulation, design, sizing and engineering drafting.

In mechanica engineering department computer facilities and software packages are available for following functions: