Piping Department

- Preparation of plot plan, piping plan, piping routes, stress analysis , specifications such as PMS (piping material specifications), isometric drawing and material take off and etc.
- This department includes three sub-group:

- Following detailed descriptions, explain some sample of this department activities for some specific purposes:
1 - Above Ground Piping

- Definition of all piping and valve requirements showing, on engineering flow diagrams, sized, mechanical and material specifications.
- Preparation of utilities flow diagram.
- Preparation of line lists.
- Preparation of plan arrangement drawings and necessary elevations for aboveground piping;
 preparation of isometric detail drawings of aboveground piping 2˝ normal diameter and larger suitable for field – shop fabrication.
- As an alternate to above and at owner’s choice; preparation of a 1:33 scale model to be
 delivered to owner ready for shipment in contractor premises; preparation of isometric detail drawings of all aboveground piping suitable for field shop fabrication.
- Stress analysis of the thermal expansion of the piping system.
- Design and detailed description for each special item connected to the piping system.
- Preparation of design for pipe supports according to contractor’s standard.
- Preparation of the procedure for hydraulic test of pipes.
- Preparation of summaries for all piping bulk materials.
- Preparation of requisition to permit purchasing of all piping material.

2 - Under Ground Piping
- Design of underground piping system defining size and material specifications of piping.
- Preparation of drawings showing the paves area and the location of process drains from above aboveground sources, the routing of any underground piping and electrical cables (including instrument piping and wiring) and the location of manholes, catch basins and similar. The drawings will include sufficient details to permit fabrication and construction.
- Preparation of requisitions for underground piping materials.

By using fully computerized systems, piping department of PETRO FARAYAND ARYA has been obtaining excellent results in all phases of it’s operation including plant simulation, design, sizing and engineering drafting.
In piping department computer facilities and software packages are available for following functions: