Process & Safety Department

- Following activities are performed in process department as the main department for process plant design:
- Preparation of a coordination procedure defining the relations between owner and contractor and establishing procedures.
- Preparation of process flow diagram (PFD).
- Preparation heat and material balances.
- Preparation of process specification of all process equipment datasheets including main characteristics such as vessels overall dimensions(sizing) and design conditions, heat exchangers duties and design conditions, pump and compressors duties, base materials and etc.
- Base material selection.
- Set–up of the whole system of instrumentation establishing the performance requirements and operating conditions for each instrument.
- Preparation of P&ID.
- Preparation of bound Operating Instruction Manuals.

By using fully computerized systems, process department of PETRO FARAYAND ARYA has been obtaining excellent results in all phases of it’s operation including plant simulation, design, sizing and engineering drafting.
In process department computer facilities and software packages are available for following functions:

-Aspen Engineering suite
-HTRI Xchanger suite